Port XI

This is the "Eleventh Edition" port from the Schweiger Family. From our estate Cabernet Sauvignon grapes we created this smooth, intense port. Crushing of the berries is minimized to increase color extraction resulting in a fermentor filled with whole berries. During the fermentation, the wine is punched down three to four times a day, slowly liberating juice from the berries to the fermenting must. Around twelve degrees brix is when the real magic occurs: the brandy addition. Port XI

The brandy is produced from wine made from either Pinot Noir or Chenin Blanc grapes, which is then double distilled in a traditional alambic still to 142 proof. The sudden spike in alcohol content from the brandy addition arrests the fermentation, leaving the natural sugar from the grape in the finished wine. The wine is then aged solera style, with different vintages being blended together producing the most complex aromas and flavors possible. Enjoy with family and friends. ONLY FIVE BARRELS PRODUCED.

Price: 375ML $50 RETAIL | $40.00 CLUB



Varietal Percentage: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Age of vines and soil type: 14-22 year old vines planted in deep volcanic soils at a 2000 foot elevation.
Vintages Incorporated: 1997 (<1%), 1998 (<1%), 1999 (<1%), 2000 (<1%), 2002 (<1%), 2004 (2%), 2005 (3%), 2008 (5%), 2009 (9%), 2011 (41%), 2012 (39%)
Harvest Sugar: 25.9 degrees Brix.
Fermentation time/Temperature Range: 5 days, 68-89F.
Fermentation container/maceration: Open fermentation in small containers, punched down four times a day.

Alcohol: 20.2%
pH: 3.76
TA: 4.60
V.A.: 0.044 g/100ml.
R.S.: 12. g/100ml.

Length/type of aging: 6-192 months in 5 year old 60 gal French Oak barrels. Bottled: May 2013. Approximate lifespan under proper cellar conditions: Now through 2099+. Number of cases produced: 240 cases of 375 ml bottles. Release Date: February 2014. Winemaker: Andrew T. Schweiger.


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