Our Story - From Root to Glass


Our Estate Vineyards are the heart and driving force of everything we do, and are meticulously managed by Fred Schweiger and his team.  Every vintage of Schweiger Cabernet is from the same small blocks 2000 feet above the Napa Valley, at the apex of the Spring Mountain District. As an Estate Winery, we provide a wine that is grown, produced, and bottled all on site under our own watchful eye.



Elevation, soil, and climate all play their part in producing world class wines.

Mountain Top Differences

Grapes grown at the top of the slopes surrounding the Napa Valley present their own unique challenges as well as desirable characteristics that result in the highest quality wines.


Long before sustainability became a household term, we were practicing it here at Schweiger, because that is what good farming is.


Schweiger is proud to remain independent and family owned, one of the distinguished  multi-generation wineries with a father/son grower/winemaker team who have been working together for over twenty years.


It’s all about the fruit! When you get to work with great grapes, the most important thing is to not get in the way. Andy shares some of his winemaking expertise here.

Tradition & Future

Good winemaking is about being rooted in tradition while looking forward to new technologies available to the winemaker. Learn more about both century old and cutting edge technologies used at Schweiger.


Sustainability starts in the vineyard and continues into the cellar and into the home and workplace.


(Above, from left to right: Andrew Schweiger, Diana Schweiger-Isdahl, Fred Schweiger, Sally Kay Schweiger)

Get to know our crew. Schweiger Vineyards is truly one big family.

Co-Founders Fred and Sally Schweiger

Our wonderful owners, Fred and Sally, are often here to visit with guests at the winery.

Winemaker Andrew Schweiger

Winemaker Andrew Schweiger

A University of California - Davis graduate incorporates the perfect blend of art, science, and craft into his winemaking.

The Guys Who Make It Happen In The Vineyard

"Wine Growing" Team

From caring for the vines to operating the winery to bottling the juice, this team ensures the highest standards from start to finish. Meet the guys who make magic in the vineyard and the cellar.

Hospitality Team

It's a pleasure for our friendly and knowledgeable staff to host you at the Estate.