Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions so that you can prepare for your visit!

Do I need to make an appointment to visit your winery?  Yes, please.  Our staff is small, and being up on the mountain, we are limited by county regulation as to how many guests we can see each day.  You can book online, by phone, or email.

Can you recommend a tour guide or driver?  We love working with Randall’s Wine Tours,  Leilani and Grady at Simply Driven,  Deanna with Wine Tour Drivers, and Denise with Da Vine Wine Tours.

Can I taste outside at your winery?  Yes!  We have beautiful sweeping views of our vineyards and redwoods.  It is sunny and warm more often than not, and we have umbrellas outside and air conditioning inside.  If you have a specific table preference, please make a request with your appointment, and we will do our best to accomodate!

How many wines are included in my tasting?  Typically 4, although if there is something specific you would like to try, you can typically twist your host’s arm.

What kind of tasting experiences do you offer?  We offer our Estate Tasting, Library Tasting, and All-Terrain Vehicle Experience.  

Can I bring my dog?  Yes! We do ask you keep them on leash, pick up after them, and understand that we have an off-leash golden retriever and a yellow lab at pretty much all times.

Can I bring my baby?  Yes! We loooove babies.  We have a fridge available for milk, and do ask that you pack out your dirty diapers, and make use of our outside space if they start to get fussy.

Are you family friendly?  Yes we are!  We do ask that there is a ratio of one adult per child, that you sit outside, and keep them with you at all times.  There is a deep ravine on property, rattlesnakes in the vineyard, and friendly off-leash dogs running around.

Can I picnic at your winery?  Yes – if you are a club member, or join during your tasting.  We have an exclusive picnic area, with a beautiful view, available on a reservation basis, as space is limited.  There is no additional fee for the use of the picnic area.  You may reserve the tables for one hour before or after your tasting appointment.

Is your Winery Napa Green?  Yes!

Do you offer tours of the vineyard?  Yes, on request and based on availability.  There is a $15 additional fee.  We also offer All-Terrain Vineyard Experiences, which take you throughout the entire property.

Do you have events at the winery?  Yes, we do and they are so fun!  Every year, we have a Spring Release, Lobster Feast, Grape STOMP, Harvest Party, Holiday Open House, and a few more thrown in just because.  See a full listing of upcoming events here.

What are the benefits of joining your wine club?  The best benefit, is early access to our limited production wines – such as our single vineyard Gate Block Cabernet Sauvignon, which we only make 2 barrels of.  Next best, is that shipping is included for Collectors’ level members…and that’s on top of a 20% discount!  See a full list of benefits to find out which club is right for you.

Where can I find your wines?  Our wines are minimally distributed, so while there are a few states where you might find us in a restaurant or wine store, most of our wines are only available at our winery or on our website.

Can you ship to my state?  Most likely, unless you are in Utah – which is prohibited for any winery.  There are a few tricky states, but we can typically work it out!

How long will it take me to get to your winery?  Depends on where you are coming from!  We are 15 minutes from downtown St. Helena, 45 minutes from downtown Napa, and 30 minutes from downtown Santa Rosa.

Are there grapes on the vines now?  If it is May-August – yes!  If it is September/October – maybe!  November, the leaves are changing, December-February, the vines are dormant (but the mustard is not!) and sometime in Frebruary/March we will start to see bud break.

Do you ever travel to my state?  Most likely!  We love to travel and meet the friends of our friends.  If you would like a visit, and can host a gathering of soon-to-be Schweiger fans, email Jill, and she will try to get it set up!

Can I meet the winemaker?  If you’re nice.  Andy is typically around the winery, and amicable to a meet and greet, however, a better way to guarantee this is to either book an All-Terrain Vehicle Experience, or email us to host a gathering of our future fans.  

Can I buy food at your winery?  Yes, we have local cheeses, crackers, and salumi available to purchase.

Is your Chardonnay Heavy?  Nope.  We only use 40% New French Oak, and the wine goes through zero Malolactic fermentation, for a fresh, crisp Chardonnay that stays true to the mineralistic fruit grown on our mountain estate vineyard.

How long should I wait before drinking my wine?  Depends.  What is your personal preference?  Are you eating a steak with it, or sipping on its own?  We do our minimum recommended aging before releasing it to you, often times releasing 1-2 years after our colleagues.  After that, it’s up to you.  Have some fun and open a bottle every year to learn more about your personal taste…you have 10-15 years easy.

Should I decant my wines?  Same answer as above – it depends on personal preference and what you are serving alongside.  A fun trick is to decant half of the bottle, swirl it up good, and taste both side by side in an hour or two to judge for yourself!

Where do your grapes come from?  All of our grapes* are grown right here on our Spring Mountain estate.  The only exception is our Sauvignon Blanc, which we purchase from a longtime friend in Kenwood, Bob Uboldi.

Who is your winemaker? Andy Schweiger, the son of our owners and founders, Fred and Sally Schweiger, has been our one and only winemaker from day one, back in 1990.

How old are your grape vines? 25-35 years.

Where can I find my tracking number?  Give us a call at the winery, or check your email – sometimes they go into your spam folder.

Do you ever offer discounts on shipping?  Yes!  Our Collectors’ Club members never pay for shipping. We also occasionally send out a promotional email, or social media post with shipping discount codes to our mailing list.

Where else would you recommend I make tasting appointments?  While you are up, visit some of our neighbors on Spring Mountain.  

What hotels or vacation rentals do you recommend?  These hotel partners offer Schweiger Club Members special pricing – Wine Country Inn, Vintage House, and Villagio.

What airport should I fly into when visiting the Napa Valley?  There are many options!  Oakland International Airport (OAK), Sacramento International Airport (SMF), San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Sonoma County (STS), San Jose International Airport (SJC).

How far away from Pride Mountain Vineyards are you?  We are only 5 minutes away from Pride Mountain Vineyards, Sherwin Family Vineyards, and Barnett Vineyards.

How far away from Spring Mountain Winery are you?  We are only 11 minutes up the road from Spring Mountain Winery.