Iteration – Not Just For Dessert

Are you familiar with Iteration, our port-style wine? If not, maybe now is the time. Port typically divides wine connoisseurs invoking an automatic mouth water or turn of the nose. This article addresses those who fall somewhere in the middle. 

If you are among those who aren’t too familiar with port-style wine, we hope you’ll continue reading as we expand on the subject and, hopefully, your palate.

Winemaker Andy Schweiger first decided to experiment with Port back in 1998. Since then we’ve managed to improve upon this much misunderstood nectar and even added a white port-style wine, Napuro. We’ve also had a lot of time to experiment with pairings over the years!

What to Pair with Port Wine

  • Sally Schweiger’s Famous Port Brownies
  • Point Reyes Blue Cheese
  • Napa Cookie Co’s Wine Snaps

and even some spicy candied pecans from good ‘ole Trader Joe’s as a matter of fact, these pecans are an equally good appetizer. 

Additionally, and on more than one occasion, Andy has made delicious creations in his smoker for us to sample – including some incredible candied salmon and bacon. If you have a smoker and would like the recipe, let us know.

Are you ready to break out a port? The best time to do so is once you’ve finished with your main meal, but aren’t quite ready to show your guests the door. In fact, it’s a lovely way to extend the evening and heighten the festivities of a gathering. Feel free to serve a small glass as an aperitif, however.

The next time you’re invited to dinner, bring a bottle of Iteration as a perfect hostess gift without being presumptuous of the meal or palate preferences of other guests. Throw in some tiny fancy glasses and it’s really a party. Whether you pair your port with appetizers, dessert, stinky cheese, or quality conversation, we hope you’ll share your enjoyment in tasting our Iteration so that we may continue in our experimentation!