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People tend to believe that gift-giving over the holidays means finding the most perfect present that can be cherished forever. A similar habit with wine-lovers is to collect excellent wine but rarely get it out of the cellar to enjoy. We think there will always be a next, more special moment to open that bottle, or we believe the only acceptable holiday present has to be irreplaceable and one-of-a-kind. Well, we're breaking down and combining these two schools of thought and making your shopping a whole lot easier with our Red Wine Lover's Holiday Gift Guide. Wine and the holidays are both about gathering with friends and family,

The time has come! We’re thrilled to finally unveil a project that Andy and Fred have worked on for years. This wine is special in a dozen different ways, but most significantly because it’s a brand new addition to our portfolio of estate wines. (We haven’t introduced an entirely new wine since our Napuro in 2016.) Along with releasing the wine itself, we’re also telling the story of this inaugural release, why this grape is a unique choice for a Spring Mountain AVA winery, and how our debut 2019 vintage is tasting. So, without further ado, please welcome to the family the first-ever Schweiger Vineyards Pinot Noir! Schweiger Vineyards Estate

Travel is something we’re very passionate about at Schweiger Vineyards. Fred, Sally, Andy, and Paula love exploring new places — Andy and Paula actually met as exchange students in Spain back in 1987. We've found that one of the best ways we can learn about other cultures and connect with people is with wine. Many years ago we started planning and hosting wine tours all over the world for club members, loyal customers, and brand new faces who were up for an adventure. These trips are always a highlight of the year, but the ones we’re taking soon are especially refreshing and highly anticipated. We’re sharing some photos

On August 20th, Fred and Sally Schweiger will be celebrating their 55th Anniversary. 55 years of timeless, selfless, dedicated love for each other, their family, and Schweiger Vineyards, which they spent the early part of those 55 years building from the ground up. If you’ve ever visited us for a tasting, you’ve probably met Fred or Sally, and you know just how great they are — funny, kind, hardworking, and fantastic storytellers. To celebrate Fred and Sally’s big day, we’ll be releasing a wine that’s velvety, classic, extremely small production, and our first Cabernet released from this vintage — the 2016 Montaire. Read about the meaning and making

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmingly grateful during spring. Flowers are in full bloom, the weather makes everything feel alive, and the growing season is kicking off with bud break. You can practically feel the earth breathing. It’s exciting to be a farmer in spring, to really feel your relationship with the Earth and how it adds to your life.  A lot of people forget that growing grapes and making wine is really just farming. My dad Fred and I definitely consider ourselves farmers, as do most growers in Napa. The land is our livelihood. We work with the Earth day-in and day-out and we depend on it for

These are officially some of the coldest, shortest, and rainiest days of the year. Everyone’s guilty pleasure is curling up at home with a glass of wine and rewatching their favorite movies, and that’s exactly what this season calls for. Our team members each came up with a three-part pairing of film, wine, and food to create a Schweiger Movie Marathon lineup. Read through our picks for ideas for a lazy Friday evening or a date night at home. Shop our Movie Marathon wines as a complete 6-Pack or build your own 3-Pack and use code MOVIE to receive $10 shipping. Fred, Founder Movie: "The Sound of Music"Wine: Iteration XVFood:

Dear Friends…  We can’t thank you enough for all of your prayers and support over the past few weeks. The Glass Fire presented us with some truly unforeseen challenges. Despite the stress and fragility of the situation, everyone on our team rose to the occasion with composure, positivity, and determination. We’re always proud of our Schweiger Vineyards family, but the Glass Fire added another level of admiration and gratitude for our people. We want to give our account of the events that unfolded in order to fully express how thankful we are and to explain the current status and future of our vineyard, tasting room, and wine. SAINT HELENA, CA

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