Why do we “Bless the Grapes”?

Our ceremonial Blessing of the Grapes is a tradition we have carried on for the past 20 plus years here at Schweiger Vineyards.  The first minister to do the Blessing was Pastor Ted Mueller, and the last 14 plus years it has been done by one of Fred and Sally‘s closest friends, Pastor Jim Beyer, of St. Mark Lutheran Church.  Most times he is joined by Pastor Dennis Durham, also of St. Mark’s, and several others who have participated along the way.

It is not unique to us to hold a blessing ceremony, however it is not simply for show.  We hold reverent the fact that God has blessed us with this land and each other, and strive to care for and steward these gifts.

Below is a chance for you to observe or participate in our annual tradition, as you hear the words of the ministers, we hope they are a blessing you to you as well.

From left to right – Pastor Jim Beyer; Pastor Mark Airey, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Healdsburg; Pastor Dennis Durham; Pastor Jim Bothwell, retired; Pastor Mike Schmid, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Napa.

Thank you for being a part of our family, we consider you a blessing as well!