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2017 Chardonnay


Our Chardonnay is grown in our shadiest vineyard block we refer to as our U2 (upper two) acres on the 2,000 ft elevation ridge. These grapevines consistently yield golden berry clusters to give the wine notes of stone fruits and white peach throughout every vintage.



Our Chardonnay grows next to the reservoir along our shady tree line, which provides a break from our intense Spring Mountain heat. There are not very many Chardonnays grown here in our Spring Mountain AVA, as it’s not the most profitable of grapes. But if you’re family operated, like we are, you can do whatever you like… and we like Chardonnay! Our style is fresh, crisp, and showcases the minerality of its terroir – a perfect pairing with shellfish, pasta dishes, and freshly harvested vegetables on a warm summer day.

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