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2019 Chardonnay


Our Chardonnay is grown at one of the highest planted peaks in Spring Mountain. These grapevines consistently yield golden berry clusters to give the wine notes of stone fruits and white peach throughout every vintage. Our style is fresh, crisp, and showcases the minerality of its terroir – a perfect pairing with shellfish, pasta dishes, and freshly harvested vegetables on a warm summer day. We’re proud to be one of the few growers committed to producing a 100% Estate Bottled Spring Mountain District Chardonnay.

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The 2019 Chardonnay fills the glass with a lovely shade of pale straw. Although a modestly colored wine, this vintage bursts on the nose with succulent fruits. Granny Smith apple, white peach, faint pineapple, and mango appear with a crisp entry and poised acidity. The fruit expression in this Chardonnay is full with a silky mouthfeel and elegant viscosity. A bit of signature toasted French Oak dances around in this varietal, but we’ve mastered the act of excluding all traces of butteriness.

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